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"The World's Most Dangerous Card Trick"

Originally Created in 2003 and Released To The Magic Community in 2005 

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Warning this prop is made from a REAL Wolf Trap and IS still very dangerous. Do not attempt this stunt until you have watched the Instructional videos and fully understand how to perform this effect properly. You are responsible for your own actions and the manufacturer holds no liability. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase and/or use this prop. Wolf Traps may be illegal in your city or state, check your local laws. Performing this stunt may result in serious injury or death. (Death is not likely but you never know) Perform this routine at your own risk!!!

The set up is that this is going to be a demonstration of how fast you are. “The hand is faster than the eye,” not only that but you have the fastest hands in the world and you are faster than a wolf trap. You show the wolf trap and set it up and stick something in it or better have them stick something in it that will break, I use animal balloons.

Now you reset the trap and have a card selected and signed. The card is lost in the deck and the deck is set on the table. You will then pick up the trap from the floor and very carefully lay the front arm of the trap over the deck of cards. What you will attempt to do is reach through the trap, find their card, and pull your hand out faster than the trap can snap shut. You then reach into the trap and it snaps shut with a very forceful sound on your wrist. The cards are spread on the table, the audience is generally in shock, and you appear to be in great pain. Finally you slowly turn your hand around and struggle to open your fingers where the audience will see a card folded in your hand. You open it up and sure enough it’s their card.
You can have them stand on the trap in order for you to get your hand out of the trap. If you do this it really sells the fact that it is a real trap. (By the way it is a REAL trap, with a sleight modification.)

You will receive everything you need to perform this reputation making routine

*Authentic, numbered full sized specially modified Wolf Trap
*DVD with FULL explanation and safety techniques (Burned DVD+R)
*Deck of cards, Permanent Marker, and Animal Balloons

All this including shipping in the Continental United States for only $300.00
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Entertainer Testimonials

Jeff McBride

"This is such a powerful effect!"

Jeff McBride
Keith Barry

"The routine was a smash hit on my TV series!"

Keith Barry
Kenton Knepper

" No wonder you landed a national TV commercial with this trick, it's scary as hell"

Kenton Knepper

Additional Performance Clips

National Aleve Commercial

This is the actual TV commercial that Aleve broadcast to millions of people on national TV back in 2006. What a trip!


In 2011 I was featured as a guest performer at Jeff McBride's monthly magic show at the WONDERGROUND. This little video shows my performance with one of my magic heroes, Mac King. I hope you enjoy.